Former United States Probation Officers Richard Wood and Dayle Carlson provide a wide array of services relevant to the development of successful strategies for the handling of criminal cases. These services include capital case penalty phase preparation, major case investigations, United States Sentencing Guideline calculation and departure advocacy, alternative sentencing reports,  adult and juvenile offender assessment, adult and juvenile treatment referral, and preparation for parole “lifer” hearings.

Mssrs. Wood and Carlson each has over 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system. They began their careers in state systems, Mr. Wood in Oregon and Mr. Carlson in California. Both worked as United States Probation Officers in the Northern District of California before opening their private sentencing consulting practice in 1984.  Each has provided a variety of sentencing and assessment services for private attorneys, public defenders, appointment panel attorneys, and CJA attorneys. Mr. Wood’s primary practice has been in capital case penalty phase preparation at both the trial and appellate level and major case investigations. Mr. Carlson is a recognized expert on the United States Sentencing Guidelines and is available for consultation regarding plea agreements, Guideline calculation, and departure advocacy. Based in Northern California, both have worked on cases throughout the United States in both federal and state courts.


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